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ProofVision are a leading UK-based provider for a range of all weather outdoor TVs and waterproof TVs. We have a leading reputation for high spec product originality and our quality is unmatched within the market.

“Making it work in challenging conditions.” We are the true specialists when it comes to water resistant electronics. Our aim is to deliver waterproof, flush and in-wall televisions and music systems for modern day living. Proofvision is fast becoming the market leader for waterproof technology. Established in 2008, our innovative designs with high quality materials and smart features provide truly unique solutions. Our products incorporate the latest technology and lead the way in current trends and features. When you buy Proofvision you’re getting the best of both worlds – value and quality.

Our wide range of IP-65 rating ProofVision Waterproof TVs built with LG HD LCD panels have proven very popular over the years ideal for bathrooms, spas, swimming pools etc.

Due to our superior quality and elegant styling of our TVs with built-in HD Freeview, ProofVision are rapidly becoming not only a high spec bathroom TV supplier but also a leading supplier for outdoor TVs.




Please browse & review the “Proofvision” Brochures which contain the manufacturers’ full “Collection” & “Extensive Range” of Luxury Bathroom Products.

You will find that all products within the Brochures are not presently listed for direct sale on our company E-Commerce Web Site but these products are all available for purchase by contacting our Sales & Technical Team who will provide Product Pricing, Specification, Technical Information, Installation Instructions or Prospective delivery dates. 

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