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Luxury Bathing



POOLSPA, part of the ROCA group, is a leader in the European hydromassage market and the father of the ideas of SPA and wellness in Europe. Devices with the POOLSPA brand perfectly combine utility with sophistication and inspiring design.

The mission of POOLSPA is to take care of the health, beauty and comfort of our Customers. We perform this mission through providing high quality, luxurious and aesthetic products, constantly developing and upgrading them. With relentless passion, we uncover and deliver the sensual and regenerating power of water.

HYDROTHERAPY, also called aquatherapy or simply hydropathy. It is a branch of physiotherapy, a method of treatment that uses the external action of water in different states; liquid, solid and gas. The basis of hydrotherapy is a suitable temperature of water and appropriate hydrostatic pressure.

The colour of the environment influences the health and the mood of people. Ancient civilisations already knew about that , and chromotherapy was used effectively by the Chinese, Hindus and Egyptians. Experts on the subject claim that every body emits radiation which may have different colors. This is why one instinctively prefers the activity of radiation that one lacks, and renounces those that has in abundance. Hence the need to change the color of one’s rooms or preferring clothes in a definite color.





Please browse & review the “Hudson Reed” Brochures which contain the manufacturers’ full “Collection” & “Extensive Range” of Luxury Bathroom Products.

You may find specific products within the Brochures which are not presently listed for direct sale on our company E-Commerce Web Site but these products are all available for purchase by contacting our Sales & Technical Team who will provide Product Pricing, Specification, Technical Information, Installation Instructions or Prospective delivery dates.

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