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Luxury Bathing



Drummonds was founded in 1988 by Drummond Shaw who set up Drummonds Architectural Antiques and quickly established the company as the best architectural antiques dealer in the UK. Although the business bought and sold a wide variety of architectural antiques Drummond’s main passion was always classic bathrooms. Finding nice original bathroom pieces that could be restored and used with modern plumbing systems became more and more difficult so in the late 90s Drummond took the decision to move into manufacturing.

Today Drummonds’ main business is in the manufacture and distribution of classic bathroom products. The business owns and operates 3 factories that manufacture cast iron baths, brass fitting and china sanitary ware. Drummonds’ bathroom products are made to order by hand in the company’s own foundry and workshops.

All Drummonds’ baths are made from solid cast iron using the time-honoured sandcasting technique first used by the finest Victorian foundries. Each part of the process is hands on, from the hand carving of the resin patterns to the hand pouring of the hot, liquid iron into each individual mould. It is these skilled techniques that give Drummonds’ cast iron baths the quality and thickness that makes them distinctive and durable.

All Drummonds’ basins, large and small are crafted using the finest quality English china clay. Each basin is finished and glazed by hand, giving it its own individual character.




Please browse & review the “Drummonds” Brochures which contain the manufacturers’ full “Collection” & “Extensive Range” of Luxury Bathroom Products.

You will find that all products within the Brochures are not presently listed for direct sale on our company E-Commerce Web Site but these products are all available for purchase by contacting our Sales & Technical Team who will provide Product Pricing, Specification, Technical Information, Installation Instructions or Prospective delivery dates. 

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