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Established in 1982 we’re now known as the UK’s leading manufacturer of accessible bathroom, kitchen and daily living products for the elderly, disabled and people with reduced mobility, and we’re recognised for our passion in excellent quality, choice and outstanding service.

We work closely with Occupational Therapists and Healthcare professionals, to design and manufacture a full range of easy access showering, kitchens and mobility support products. Our clients include the majority of local authorities, housing associations as well as national and regional contractors.

At AKW we work at towards enabling people to stay in their own homes, and retain their independence. Each of our products are rigorously tested, with fully inclusive design and made specifically for the end user.

We’re passionate about giving our customers what they want. So you get high-quality products that meet practical requirements, offer the widest possible choice, and help create stylish living spaces which give quality of life.


AKW luxury disabled bathroom designs



Please browse & review the “AKW” Brochures which contain the manufacturers’ full “Collection” & “Extensive Range” of Modern Bathroom Products.

You will find that all products within the Brochures are not presently listed for direct sale on our company E-Commerce Web Site but these products are all available for purchase by contacting our Sales & Technical Team who will provide Product Pricing, Specification, Technical Information, Installation Instructions or Prospective delivery dates. 

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